Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representation


Finding commercial real estate tenant representative is vital to choosing the right space for your business. After all, it isn’t just about the company – it’s about your business. The space that you decide on may require specific accommodation, or even offer flexible terms that your tenant representation broker can help you realize.

It is vital that you think critically about growth projection and make a plan before talking to a tenant representation specialist.

Factor in commercial leasing decisions as well as your short and long-term goals, and remember that the tenant representation broker is always on your side. You can tell them everything (both good and bad) about your business needs, buying power, and your thoughts on the best location. After discussing, you will have a better idea of the commercial real estate market where you want to do business.

What Is Tenant Representation?

There is no exact tenant representation definition, but basically, it is just what it sounds like. In the case that you are renting or purchasing a commercial property, a tenant representative acts with you in mind. To gain the best possible results, hiring a tenant rep broker can help you make the most of the marketplace.

Entering the commercial real estate market can be tricky. With the help of an agent, you will be able to see more clearly which are the best sites for you to operate your business from. Whether it is a good or bad deal, a tenant representative will always put you first. LCI offers this free service as part of regular landlord services with an experienced associate.

Talking to Professionals About
Tenant Representation

When you are ready to grow your business and fill a new space – celebrate! You can make the most out of the experience by talking to a professional at LCI Realty. Prepare a short list of questions to ask about tenant representation services, including these top 5 FAQs:

Can you help me with lease negotiations?

What is the process for lease renewals?

How can I get a more in-depth analysis of my options?

Is this location prime for market growth?

Can you define the specific needs of this space?

The last thing you want to do when shopping for commercial real estate is to miss the crucial details.

That’s why working with the experienced team of professionals at LCI can help. Find the property of your dreams and gain the most comprehensive tenant advisory services with LCI Realty. All it takes is a quick phone call to jumpstart the tenant representation process!

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Why Do I Need Tenant Advisory Services?

An official tenant representative agreement is highly recommended, regardless of the type of brokerage you consult. If you are able to find tenant representatives with straightforward practices and underlying principles of integrity – stick with them. The truth is, if you find an agent able to show a commitment, it’s a good sign that you will benefit from the relationship.

Tenant advisory services may include detailed market analysis, negotiating, and aggressive confidence, along with maintaining a standard of high-quality care throughout the process.

NOTE: Avoid calling the number on a property sign alone as it could be a conflict of interests; if you don’t have your own representation, you might, unintentionally, put your business at risk. The listing agent has the landlords best interests in mind and will focus on what is best for the landlord. Having an agent — a reliable person with your long-term business goals in mind — by your side when shopping for new property will help you make a good decision and negotiate the lease.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact LCIRealty, today!

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