Your parking situation is so much more than when you park your car before work and pick it up at the end of the day. It can be one of the most important, vital things to your business and detrimental to your sales if you don’t have enough parking. Most people overlook parking clauses in their lease because there are other, more pressing and apparent concerns. However, you should discuss your parking situation with your tenant representative. Here are some reasons why parking is more important than you think and why you should let a tenant representative team like LCI Realty negotiate your lease.

Parking Has An Effect On Your Clients and Guests

Does your lease allow spaces for guests or clients that make your building accessible? Is there ample enough parking for the amount of customers you anticipate? Sometimes guests will second guess a stop into your business if the parking situation becomes ridiculous. When you review the parking situation with your tenant representative, go over what effect your parking might have on potential customers, clients and guests.

Parking Is Important To Your Team

Your parking situation can actually have a negative effect on the productivity of your team if you don’t have enough parking or if you have a unique parking situation in your lease, such as a parking garage that your employees are required to pay for themselves. Some employees might grumble, while others might see it as an opportunity to walk or take a different mode of transportation. However, make no mistake: parking is important to your team and it can affect your bottom line if you overlook any potential issues.

Parking Might Actually Cost You Money

What does your lease say about parking? Did you look? Far too many business owners overlook any parking clause and end up paying for it later, literally. Some leases have a fee based on the spaces used per month or a flat fee to maintain any parking area or structure. Just like any sort of parking cost is usually outlined in a residential lease, you should expect that landlords will try to recoup some of their maintenance costs with parking fees.

How Will Your Parking Needs Change When You Grow?

Some business owners are so eager to begin working and they don’t think about where they might be a year from now or even in five years. Your parking situation might even be perfect for you right now, but will it hamper your business or turn away customers in five years if your business grows. On the flip side, if your business has many local employees currently that might become regional in five years, will you have too many parking spaces and be paying an arm and a leg for them? You have to think about your parking situation in five year increments. What’s going to be your parking situation then?

Parking Can Be A Safety Concern

Parking lots and especially parking structures can be really attractive areas for criminals because of their relative vacancy and the lack of frequent visits, especially in covered or underground structures. This can pose a threat to your employees and your customers at the same time. If people perceive your place of business as a threat, they will just go somewhere else. Parking lot safety is vital to the health of your business.

When searching for a new property, the parking situation alone can have your head spinning in five different directions. Suddenly you have to think like a customer, an employee, a criminal expert, an economist and a parking lot attendant. However, when you hire a tenant representative, they are already experts at identifying the potential issues with your parking situation. Give the tenant representative team at LCI Realty a call today to see what they can do for your team. Call 480-565-8981 for more information.