Often times when there is a lease negotiation that needs to take place, the overall process seems a lot more martial than it really is. It’s easy to get caught up in the picture of warring factions trying to score points for their side, and often when landlords and tenants attempt to make negotiations without their respective tenant representatives, it can feel like a battle. This just means that both landlords and tenants should appreciate having a representative on their side to make the process go smoothly and make sure that all parties are happy before the dotted line is signed and the tenants start moving in. No matter what your interest is in commercial real estate, be that tenant or property owner, it’s absolutely a good idea to have a tenant rep there for you. Here are the reasons why:

The Interest Of The Landlord

Tenant representation can work handley in a landlord’s favor, especially if they seek out their own rep to cover their interests. You might be thinking, “but wait, aren’t tenant reps just for tenants?” A good representative can apply their masterful understanding of commercial real estate leasing here and help a landlord to understand tenant desires or concerns, while also making sure that the landlord gets a fair deal. Often times, tenants get touchy when they believe they are being taken advantage of, but many inexperienced tenants, especially first-time tenants, do not understand the timeline that must be adhered to from initial viewing to move-in day. Tenant reps have a good understanding of what tenants are apprehensive about and negotiation, so they can ease concerns and make sure that the tenants are going to have a quality relationship with the landlord for the life of the lease. In this way, tenant reps can help smooth relations between landlords and tenants.

Tenant Interest

Often times tenants that are getting into a space for their business, especially first-timers, have a lot of passion for their work, but don’t know what their rights are and what can be contained in a lease. Tenant reps are available to landlords and tenants should also seek out representation to share their interests and work them into the lease. No one wants to get stuck in a bad relationship for 5+ years, so it’s absolutely vital for landlords and tenants to have a negotiation team to cover their interests.

No matter what your concern is in a commercial real estate deal, tenant representatives are a great resource for landlords and tenants. The LCI Realty team members are your resident experts in Phoenix. Get what you want out of a commercial real estate deal. Contact the team at 480-531-7061 now.