As summer ramps up and the heat trickles back into Arizona, the valley begins to prepare for the inevitable destructive force that comes with the high temperatures and the desert climate: Arizona monsoon season. When you own property, monsoon season in Arizona can range anywhere from minor annoyance to devastating depending on how prepared you are. Homes and businesses can end up being damaged heavily in these summer storms, so it’s imperative that you make sure your property is prepared for the storms ahead. LCI Realty wants to make sure that landlords, tenants and property owners alike are prepared for the monsoon season in Arizona, so here is a checklist of things you should check out before the storm hits.

Inspect Windows And Doors

When the monsoon storms kick up, they can cause huge dust clouds that engulf much of Phoenix or other parts of the valley, along with severe thunder and lightning. Monsoons can cause this sand to slip between cracks in windows and doors, damaging the interior of your property or possibly allowing water to slip in. Plus windows and doors that are weak or damaged could shatter or fail in a storm with strong windows. Make sure to check them out before the storms start.

Look At The Roof

Hard rains, standing water, lightning and other storm elements can be the downfall of a weak roof, so make sure to inspect your roof before monsoon season in Arizona. Monsoons can cause a lot of damage and a roof is really hard to repair.

Check The Gutters

Gutters, especially gutters under or near trees, can get full quickly which can cause water damage on a roof or other parts of your structure. A lot of people end up filing insurance claims because they didn’t want to drag out the ladder and check the gutters. Just check them and save yourself an unnecessary headache.

Look At Your Trees And Foliage

Plants and trees cause some of the most damage during monsoon season in Arizona. Falling trees or branches can down power lines, destroy cars and generally just be a nuisance. Have your trees inspected and make sure they aren’t going to harm your property.

Remove Potential Hazards Around The Property

Aside from trees, anything around your property could potentially become destructive in high winds, so make sure that everything around your property is secure and sound.

Prepare For Power Outages

Power outages are just part of monsoon season in Arizona, so make sure that you have surge protectors in place for your electronics and make sure that you have implements you will need like flashlights or umbrellas.

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