Maintenance services for a property may not be clearly explained, or comprehensive when you sign an initial agreement. However, you can create a commercial property maintenance checklist depending on the size, type, and location of your building. Getting high-quality property maintenance services is easy with LCI Realty.

While many professional maintenance companies deliver a full list of services, you may need to make your own checklist. In order to do that, you need to determine your needs ahead of time, and then you can create the list.

Property Maintenance Checklist: Five Main Categories

  • Exterior

    This category includes everything outside of the structure of your property. This may include the foundation, walls, facades, gutters, and downspouts, windows, and doors. Additional services for exterior property maintenance include pest control and window cleaning.

  • Interior

    The inside of your professional building also requires specific property management maintenance in areas including walls, ceilings, doors, and windows. Cleaning and sanitation are also common and can include system repair, equipment, and fleet cleaning, bathroom sanitation, power washing, dusting, trash, and recycling, as well as preventative property maintenance services.

  • Systems

    Both inside and outside of your commercial property, there are different types of equipment. Within this property maintenance category, kitchen appliances, electrical systems, plumbing, heaters, coolers, fireplaces, and other items are included.

  • Roofing

    Exterior property maintenance includes roofing issues, however, before you create a commercial property maintenance checklist, it is best to keep a separate category for the roof.

    Because your roof is exposed to traffic, weather, damage, deterioration, and accidents, it is important to include it in a commercial property maintenance checklist. Improperly or irresponsibly managing roofing maintenance can cause big problems down the road, so always include this step during your preparation for a commercial property maintenance checklist.  

  • roofing

  • Safety

    After addressing equipment management, you also need to add tips for hazards around the property. This can include OSHA adherence to safety and fire restrictions, HAZMAT concerns, as well as generalized wear, and tear issues that could cause a safety issue.

Property Management Maintenance Industry-Specific Services

In order to ensure the commercial buildings maintenance checklist is complete, you need to prepare notes that include your needs within each of these five categories.

Professional property management maintenance companies also include services specific to your industry. Use these tips to help you organize your property maintenance services checklist:

  • School and Education

    This specific industry has unique goals and priorities that may include specialized floor maintenance (tile, linoleum, wood, etc.). In order to protect against wear and tear over time, reduce the risk of infection, and maintain cleanliness, sanitation teams are commonly used to clean the buildings intended for education on a regular schedule.

  • Medical and Health Care

    Commercial buildings used for medical and healthcare purposes require a more complete cleaning. The protocol for preventing cross-contamination includes rigorous anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning with high attention to detail.

  • Renovation/Construction

    In order to maintain a safe environment in the construction industry, commercial properties must keep the area clean. This includes removing hazards like debris, trash, damaged materials, as well as environmental pollutants. Keeping the air clean and healthy is also a priority for renovation and construction preparation of commercial property maintenance checklists.

  • Features

    Some businesses have unique needs that can only be met with building features that may not be included in other properties. These types of features can include high windows, custom architecture, unlimited-access for those with special needs, and textured surfaces.  

You can take full advantage of your own building management services by using these guidelines. After you are finished preparing a commercial property maintenance checklist, call LCI Realty to discuss your needs.