How to become a commercial real estate agent may seem like something challenging, and it is. Not just anybody can get a license to sell commercial properties and build a successful career doing so. In fact, every agent who earns their license is intelligent and educated. Over time, a successful commercial real estate agent develops their own skills and gets more clients with the help of an established network.

5 Tips to Get Your Commercial Real Estate License  

If you are thinking about becoming a commercial real estate agent, use the following tips to get your commercial real estate license.

  1. Network

It is important to find leads in the real estate market. Proactively look for them and never be shy about taking an aggressive stance on marketing. Networking is one of the most valuable skills you can develop as a commercial real estate agent, so go ahead and get used to talking to people. This is the best way to learn how to be a more effective realtor and cultivate your business ethics, social networking, persistence, and many more valuable attributes.

  1. Education

Check your state to find out the requirements of a license to sell commercial property. While every state has different requirements, obtaining a commercial real estate license may include 30 – 90 hours of coursework, a written test, and, in some states, a Bachelor’s degree.

educate yourself

  1. Get Experience

If you want to establish a successful career as a commercial real estate agent you will need to get some experience. Preparing for a successful career as a commercial real estate agent means that, for your own development, you will need to strengthen your skills. Aim to learn the basics of zoning, tax law, and how to analyze business needs and location. Then, work hard to stay in contact with those in your network, to maintain their support for the future.

  1. Become a Broker

After you gain experience in your state as a licensed real estate agent you should also become a licensed broker. This process may involve a number of training courses and the successful completion of an exam. In addition to earning your broker license, you can also obtain positions as a commercial real estate broker to gain additional progress in your profession.

  1. Renewal

Over time, you will need to make sure your commercial real estate license doesn’t expire. There are very strict regulations that prevent commercial sales without proper licensure. Never be caught making sales or even processing paperwork without a valid commercial real estate license.

The terms vary from state to state however, all commercial real estate licenses must be renewed every two to four years.

How to Get Into Commercial Real Estate  

Besides having the desire to get a commercial real estate license, you will also need these qualities.

  • Sales

As a commercial real estate agent, your sales skills develop with time. Hopefully, you earn enough marketplace experience before coming across the competition in commercial real estate. If you lack real-world experience, you can still learn on the job with your clients and develop long-term networking connections.

  • Environment

Today, most commercial real estate agents work in metropolitan areas, and small cities. Regardless of where your office is, as a commercial real estate agent, you must draw the line between social interactions and network connections. How you draw from the networks you have will be vital to the outcome of your leads.

  • Dedication

Many commercial real estate agents spend time in addition to a full-time career building their business. You need to know ahead of time that being a successful commercial real estate agent requires dedication and a commitment to continuing your education. Long days and nights are commonplace, and weekend appointments are expected.

If you are not prepared to maintain a professional demeanor while under stress and a tight schedule, making money as a commercial estate agent may not be for you.

You can become a successful commercial real estate agent by using these guidelines; following these five tips can help you gain licensure quickly. If you enjoy commercial real estate, don’t wait to call LCI Realty to talk about how you can continue your education.