No matter what city you are in across the country, there are certain businesses that you are going to see on multiple corners with intense variety. These are staple businesses and every city seems to have an abundance of them, and yet their frequency seems to indicate two things. First, each of these businesses has a relatively lucrative market. Second, all of these businesses are versatile in the required space to start them. Check out our list and compare it to your city!

Coffee Shops –

Whether you are a daily starbucks drinker or prefer to get caffeinated at a local non-corporate coffee shop, java places are a natural staple no matter the size of the city. From little blink-and-miss-it towns to big cities like Phoenix, everyone needs coffee so there are naturally an abundance of coffee shops for relatively saturated areas. Coffee shops can be behemoth multi-floor monstrosities or occupy a drive-up that’s less than 100 sq. feet, making them one of the most versatile entries on this list.

Hair Salons/Barber Shops

The hairstyle that people wear is as much part of their personal fashion choices as their clothing. Everyone needs a place to get their haircut. Some people are fully satisfied with going to great clips and paying their $12 for a haircut and they get every dollars worth, but many people have a preferred hairdresser or barber shop that caters to their style. This opens a lot of doors for niche hair stylists to corner their portion of the market or offer something different that people will appreciate. Because people’s styles and preferences range drastically, places to get a quality hair do are abundant.

Salon/ Beauty Parlors –

Whether it’s getting a nice pedicure, getting your nails done, having your eyebrows threaded or that persistent back hair waxed, there is never a shortage of places for people to groom and spoil themselves. It seems like you can’t go more than a few miles without seeing some kind of salon, which is a good indicator that this is a lucrative field to enter and doesn’t require a specialty space.

Spa/Massage Venues –

Who doesn’t like getting pampered? Spa and massage joints pop up all over town because there is such a variety of techniques and everyone has a little spin on helping people relax. There are some really unique spas out there, but most spas or massage joints are unassuming and easy to fit in multiple spaces.

Tattoo Shops –

Tattoos are no longer just body art for navy sailors and the more alternative sects of society. Tattoos have become mainstream, which means that a lot more people need places to get new ink. Art, ability and styles range from artist to artist, even within the same shop, so naturally there are a lot of venues for people to connect with their favorite tattoo artist. In some parts of certain cities, there are multiple tattoo shops on the same block.

Accounting/ Tax Preparation –

Preparing your own taxes is time consuming and confusing and it can become costly or even criminal if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. People need CPAs and since hundreds of millions of people have to file their taxes by mid-April, that means there is a high demand for locations to process taxes.

Bicycle Shops –

From a young age most Americans are taught to ride a bicycle as their first mode of transportation besides walking. It’s a great pass time that’s enjoyed around the world, which means there is a lot of demand for bicycle shops, where riders can do anything from purchase a new bike, get bicycle repairs or even plan out a ride for the day. Most cities have a number of bike shops, usually serving a wide array of interests and skill levels. As green initiatives grow in popularity, more and more cities are becoming bike friendly, meaning it’s a great time to open doors on a bike shop.

Laundromats –

Everyone wears clothes and everyone gets those clothes dirty, which means they need a place to clean them. Laundromats have not been phased out, as the cost and continuous repair of in home laundry units is quite expensive and many people rent rather than own their space. Laundromats are convenient, often cheaper than on-site apartment laundry facilities, and many people enjoy the opportunity to get of the house for necessary errands.


To be fair, restaurants are probably the most common type of businesses on this list and the category is broad, but the sheer number and diversity of restaurant options available in any given city or small town indicates that people love a great meal that they don’t have to cook themselves and no one is inclined to eat the same food all the time. If you have a novel idea, a great recipe or the ability to make people feel comfortable with your cooking and atmosphere, the chances are that people will visit your place of business.

No matter what type of business you decide to open, you need the right space for your business to live and your customers to meet. To find the absolute best location for your company, LCI Realty can be your guide. We specialize in connecting tenants with the perfect space for their company. Let us help you today. Contact our team to get started at 480-565-8981.

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